Monday, May 21, 2012

Makeup Monday

So I know its late but better late then never right :) I am not doing makeup this Monday but I am doing a hair device (I figured we could change it up a little bit) :)

Here it goes...................

Here I am after using this wonderful gadget:) I will admit I never thought I would use anything but CHI but this gadget was AWESOME! I can't wait to use it on a date night with my hubby :)

Ok so here goes my new hair do and my WHOLE outfit ...(I use to work at JCREW through college and the mannequins never matched cause they want the customer to view every product in the store.... keep this in mind).....


I am only wearing JCREW and its mustard shorts, turquoise shirt, and black and grey stripe cardigan. 
(turquoise and musard yellow are my favorite colors)

Have you ever done a new outrageous hair do or crazy mix match outfit??? I want to know:)

Happy Makeup Monday!
OK so I know today is makeup monday and I will post shortly about it BUT we have a new addition to our family!! BARkLEY-ANN :)

SO I think I might start making homemade dog treats (organic) what do you think?? I could sell them as well :)