Friday, July 13, 2012

Have you every looked back at a old blog.....

Ok so my followers dropped recently :( so I decided that I would look back at old blogs to see if I said something wrong...... BUT I notice that I wrote something completely off of what I mean't.

Have you ever wrote a blog you didn't mean?????

Do you remember THIS blog.....well I ask the question "Have you ever done a DIY craft that you didn't want to do???" OMG I didn't mean that I mean't "Have you ever done a DIY craft that you weren't good at???" lol anyways I hope everyone is having a GREAT Friday and thanks for listen to me :) Can't wait for makeup Monday!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big News!!

So.... I have big news and it's one reason why I haven't blogged lately:) Before I say the huge news I want to k ow how everyone's weekend went????? Mine was relaxing we went to our family's beach house in Bolivar, TX:) We went to share the news to my family :) Let's see if you can guess it... First... I have been sleeping and napping :)
Second.... I am loving me some of:
I am Pregnant:) my husband and I are so excited and I can't wait to blog more about it!! How was your weekend???